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Theme Editor: Change the theme for the zSnout website. zSnout Talks: A blog written by zSnout about different topics. zSnout Math: A series of articles written by zSnout about different math things. zSnout SVG: Images created using SVG to make games and other programs. Link Shortener: Create short links for long URLs. BINGO: Play BINGO with zSnout's randomized, interactive board. API Guide: Use several APIs to fetch data on zSnout without writing complex page scrapers. Test Pages: Pages which are just for testing concepts. May contain errors. zSnout's Google Slides Theme

GitHub Projects

Homepage: zSnout's main GitHub page. MusicNotes: Parse note and chord queries with zSnout's API. Statistics.JS: Simplify statistical calculations. SyntaxColor: The next-gen syntax highlighter. Radio: Communicate with other devices using pure client-side JavaScript. PrivateJS: Create secure objects in JavaScript with hidden properties. ClipboardJS: Simplify the vanilla Clipboard API with simple Promise-based methods.